Healthy meal to get buff??...I hope so! =P

Monday, September 10, 2007

Well what do you know! I'm on a diet again!...Its been months since I stopped my no "RICE" rule ... I think I lost a couple...but now I'm trying out something trim out my beer belly...hehe I think I have to resort to high fiber meals now.... which means... I have to eat oatmeals for at least a month...
I hope I won't pass out or anything like that...starvation is really like a norm for me...but since it is bad for my health...I think I have to try a lot of things that would fit my lifestyle.... I've been in the gym for a year and a half I guess...well probably a little under 2 years... I grew a lot I guess... as in "NAGING MALAKING TAO AKO" heheh.......Hopefully I won't bear the mo nicker of BOUNCER everytime I go to clubs...sheeze...its drivin me nuts everytime people stare at me like I'm part of the staff hehehe........well here's to a long arduous diet again!

I decide...and do what I I'll stick to this one until there is a better alternative...


Anonymous said...

you resemble to james bond in casino royal, very impressive
I have two questions:
1- what you've done exactly, I mean the food and the exercises you've been doin?
2-what's for then newspaper for in first pic?
I hope I hear from you soon.

John Bueno said...

High protein low carb diet made the trick. Had to workout 3 times a week and run most of the time. Running gets the fat off so you kinda need to do that constantly