KUMAGCOW...Trying to find another home

Monday, September 10, 2007

With Multiply gaining popularity. I'll be setting off on this website and try out the blogging capabilities. Hopefully I won't be dissappointed and appaled again if MIS plans to have this site blocked. I'm sure they will indeed hear from me if this happens.

Just got DSL connected this month, my Mum really loves it so far. We haven't tested the connection with my bro, but I just did with friends...and it turned out fine.... I'm tryin to download stuff so I can at least have music on it. So I won't go deaf with my Mum's numerous typing jobs...she feels I ought to type everything because I own the god damn PC! But who am I to complain...I mean who are we to complain if we owe them our lives right?! Geeze! Talk about ingrates! hahah....

Let's see what I can do on multiply in the next few days... ^_^

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