Flooded with reports...what's new!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Its hard to work, nobody asked for it but I was workin my brains off the metrics.... well it is harder coz I've been trying to bloody understand the dang nabbit Argentinians who couldnt quite understand and process reports like I asked them too! and not to mention that while I was doing the reports, and checkin them..the other hispanic guy kept on buggin me in skype...askin soooooo many questions...which I already have answered days before...geeze... I thought that was easy...I was wrong....

They submittted documents which was supposedly "WAS ALREADY" scanned by their Manager but it seems to me that half the report had inconsisterncies....so I scrapped that and made my own rendition of their reports...I'm glad it improved....and a lil somewhat at par with my standards....but I was wrong...sooo wrong...geeze! And the amn friendster...I've been giving out comments and testimonials to friends...but nuthin's appearin! waaaaa! what's happenin oh my! sumthins defnitely wrong here!

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