Director Cathy Camarillo Served Needed "KILIG" in #BarDa Film THAT KIND OF LOVE

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Barbie Forteza and David Licauco stars in new funny-romance film THAT KIND OF LOVE 
(Photo by RandomRepublika's Kate Adajar)
After leaving the SM Cinemas during the "THAT KIND OF LOVE" Premiere Night, I felt quite relieved about how Director Catherine Camarillo made her recent films. After the well received "Chances Are: You and I" which stars Kelvin Miranda and Kira Ballinger, this new one probably had easier merits to execute because of the fact that this is the first film of Barbie Forteza and David Licauco. 

The pairing had remarkable success in their previous shows (ie Maria Clara at Ibarra, Maging Sino Ka Man), and putting out a film wouldn't be a walk in the park because it doesn't necessarily mean that if you are good on TV, it would be the same with box office returns; because they admit, the movie industry is still ailing in some way shape or form.

This one though, holds a lot of promise. It's way different than what Barbie and David have been doing on TV for sure, and Direk CC took time to execute Ellis Catrina's vision of not only establishing these new characters, but how they could fall in love with their individual quirks, and make people feel that KILIG from start to finish.

This is exactly what the film offers. It's got a bit of laughter, a bit of romance, plus a solid love story. I feel above all, it's a gift for the #BarDa fans out there. She plays a matchmaker, while David is "The Perfect Guy". They have different upbringing, they have different set of friends, their outlook in life is not the same. When David's character talked to Barbie in the movie, he wanted her to set him up for a date. He was perfect, but he wasn't quite successful in that department. They both had egos, and the story of how they eventually fell in love is what's going to make you interested in this movie.

Director Cathy Camarillo knows how to put things together. Her first one was good, this one is better. Although on a different spectrum, this just makes all the #BarDa wishes come true. Think of what you want the #BarDa to become, and it's probably in this movie. The experience watching it on the silver screen is lovely, I guess the darkness makes you enjoy it more because nobody could see if you are smiling on your own... or crying, so nobody would judge you. That's the perk you get watching it in a cinema. 

THAT KIND OF LOVE will show on theaters this coming July 10th. Barbie and David would love for you to see what they've been working on. It's a really good #BarDa project, go watch it without a care in the world. Feel that same "KILIG" Direk CC wants you to feel, it's meant to be like that.

This film is produced by Pocket Media Productions Inc., Pocket Media Films and Happy Infinite Productions Inc. It will also be released by Regal Entertainment nationwide. Thank you to Digital Out of Home Inc. for being part of this too, who made it possible for us to cover the event! Muchas gracias!


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