Generals, Officers Issue Manifesto of Support for Colonel ARIEL QUERUBIN PN (Marines)

Monday, July 08, 2024

I was among heroes this morning from the Marines, Philippine Navy, the Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police, all servant warriors as they pledge their support for Coloner Ariel Querubin, the most bemedalled Filipino soldier in history (including the coveted Medal of Valor).

Aside from the call for solidarity and heroism, he, along with 2000 Generals and Officers from different branches of the military are now signifying their support for his bid in running for the Senate.

When Ariel Querubin went up on stage, he discussed how even the venue of the event was instrumental in the history of the country. That no matter how divided people may have been in the past few years, they were there all together to support him. Querubin knows how this time, they are there for their children, their families, and stand united for God and country. He also emphasized how important it is to address external and internal threats, as our sovereignty is on the line.

He is able and willing to serve, a man who's capabilities are now backed by thousands of officers in the military, of it's different branches... And if you want a warrior in the Senate who can spark change, perhaps you know who could do it after the remarkable recommendation of these men and women. The entire nation deserves a good one.


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