I getting old?!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

There are a lot of things that I'm doing today. But I just remembered I had an account in Gunbound that I have never used for quite a while, it was still active though when I logged in on their website. I like that game a lot coz I have a lot of "syotas" as they may say while I was online. You just really cannot refuse to do that. If it were just a dream, then it's okay... I'm still at the lowest level in this game because I refuse to pay for a prepaid card. That should have gotten me a lot of avatars so my character would be jazzed up. Nobody could beat me then. I like the gameplay because it would let you dream a lot about battles even when yer already sleeping...weird huh?!! Just still at the point of getting Gold so I can get my character get the best avatars. Maybe after a few rounds I'd be able to get the Archangel set. That'll take me to higher places. Hopefully... just hopefully.
I'm still not happy with work. Anguish, that is the word I'm trying to digest right now. Hard to get people to understand what I really mean about working here. Geeze... The days are really getting to be a pain in the ****. I'd rather spend more time at home or with my love. Corny huh?!! Hehehe. Go figure! I'm the corniest guy there is! You aint got nobody to match my kung fu!! Haik! But ye know, maybe I'm just getting old that's why I'm not fond of playing online games... wut do you think? Or am I just plain tired? Probably... but what can I do... I'm just a nobody... Goodluck to me!!! Hopefully I'd get more time to play this game before my account expires. Thanks to mobius they're losing lotsa clients...coz the game too is getting too old. I know, I have friends who work there. I bet yah!! :)

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