We Now Have A Lift Off !!!! Hooray!!!! Progress Indeed!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Yehey!!!! I now have on hand the application form for the position I'm applying for!! Just came from my email today. Although it includes an exam that I have to accomplish before monday. Hopefully I'd be able to get it done!!... Hope I pass the mark and with flying colors... I try and proof read everything else before posting it for their review. I am not satisfied yet so I plan to maybe edit it also later... geeze... I need to get promoted asap because I am currently drowning in boredom... Either that, or I would probably be looking for another job... elsewhere that is... Need to find a low maintenance, high paying job... I need to take a rest... Hopefully I'd be able to do a better job this time... which is weird... I probably would never thought that this would still push through.... but if in case it does, I'll try my best to move the ladder and perform better this time... Now, where was I... I am currently spending my time wisely on editing my resume and also the exam... It's both technical and common knowledge based so I'd probably be able to do it faster if I am under pressure... I have no more ideas on what to comment about the existing system that we have here because its thorough enough... I think I just need to improve some of the information indicated on the documentations... I'd probably be able to finish this one later... Hopefully... Hopefully.... Hehehe.... I'm glad though that they bothered to email me now... : )

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