WAITING IN VAIN: Not the one by MYMP...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Waiting again... The promotion or next position I've applied for is still not materializing... What the hell is my company doing?!! This is the longest time I've waited since I was able to submit my exams... Geeze... Red tape and the old beaurocracy is still in the Philippines!!! Hail to King Kong!!!
I think it would be better now to probably look for something more.. More economically sound; and something nice to work in... This place has been toxic... very very toxic... I plan to go here if I find a reasonably attractive package but if not then goodbye!!! Hehehe... It's as easy as that but why the hell am I still here?... Friends are also a big part of it... but that's a long shot... I maybe on a stomp because I am afraid to move on and get another job that would be able to satisfy my spending habits. Good deal I haven't tried to get another credit card yet, I would have gotten buried in debt if that was the case.

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