Gym Rats in the City

Friday, April 28, 2006

Working out! This is what Im gonna spend most of my time now since Im not yet satisfied with my physique. My original plan of getting Vin Diesel's Body in 3 months seem to be a little far fetched. Im trying my best now to do it everyday. If possible, I'll try working out on my day off's. Im worried about my relationships also right now but I think I better get off of them for a while so I can get money first. I have to earn more enough to satisfy my needs. But that is not happening right now. I don't even have enough savings for a trip around asia. Im planning one but it seems it too will take time. I plan to buy a car but where would I be able to park it? In the Philippines, you can probably park it anywhere. Though in my town, it is already on a survey that we have the highest incidents of car theft in the City. It's so near the carnapper's haven "BANAWE" that it would be a joke if you just park your car outside. When you wake up 2mrw you won't have a hub cap, mirror and wheels. Sometimes they get your radio, if out of luck you'll probably never see your car again. So I am really thinking not twice, but a hundred times before I would buy one. Maintenance is hard already, stealing the accessories, then buying a new one is not a good way of getting my money's worth. Instead of being more convenient, I'd be getting more problems. I better wait till Im able to use the Van regularly so I won't waste more money on that. I'd better save it for Europe. I'm off to gym now... to get my belly flat and sculptured! See yah!

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