How To Help During the COVID19 Lockdown

Monday, April 20, 2020

How are you? Me, not in the best shape because I flare up so quickly, and I get stressed a lot. I often regret a lot of what I say after a few hours but I'm glad my mum understands no matter what I say or do. I guess it's us coping during this lockdown period, I wish you're all okay though.

Now I've been trying to help in little ways, because I know a lot of people out there are struggling. I've seen former classmates ask for help on Facebook, so I try to give a little more when I can. The Enhanced Community Quarantine is not ending soon and I understand how hard it could be for some people, I have been there. I'm glad PayMaya is still operational until now and the way I send money is thru their "Send Money" option on the PayMaya App. It's instantaneous and people get the money fast, more so if they need it during these days. The app also can send the money via Instapay because the Bank Transfer option on the app works, else, you can do the Smart Padala way so they can get it via Smart Padala agents or Palawan Express. 

Have you heard of the legendary Banana Cookie Lava cookies from Aperitif PH? If not, go ahead and buy a box of 12 from them so that another box of 12 will go to frontliners who need a break. I love what they are doing, it just makes everything so positive amidst the pandemic. It's a nice way to help while you're getting your cookie fix.

Oh and since we can't all go out and pay for our bills, inform your friends and family to do it via PayMaya. Just go to the Pay Bills option on the app and select the merchant, input the accounts and pay for the exact amount on your bill. I made sure to do that because the next thing we wouldn't want to happen is if services like internet and phone connection get cut off while we are all under quarantine. This is a good advice, take my word for it and get extra if you use my code KUMAGCOWPYMY to register. 

Now isn't that nice to know?! Go donate if you can okay? :)


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