Matteo Guidicelli and UNIQLO Sport Utility Wear

Thursday, April 02, 2020

UNIQLO just came out with new Sports Utility Wear that jazzes up your run of the mill everyday clothes and turn them to efficient and technologically advanced workout clothes. Now that's good news for people on the go or young professionals who workout before and after office hours as it will be doubly convenient to do so.
If you're the type who sweats profusely, feel sticky with your current ones and need a change everytime you do things, they've come out with UNIQLO Dry Ex which prevents these from happening and with its design, make you move comfortably in strainous or regular gym sessions. They also do good because they incorporate polyester fibers from PET bottles and upcycle them so you get a quick drying polo shirt, no odor too. 

Felt cute so I wore this mesh fibered shirt for a Bamboo bike tour around BGC. It was a bit dangerous, but I enjoyed it!

There were a lot of choices from Women's Dry Ex Crew Neck Shirts, Women's Airism UV Cut Jackets, Women's Airism Soft Leggings, Men's Full Zip Hoodies and Dry Ex Shorts, they've made it with quality in mind and yes, it's comfy.

You may also check out the whole collection using the UNIQLO Mobile App, I have taken advantage of the 300 coupon welcome gift and bought around 3k worth of clothes which I use for workout at home.

Guys and gals took to the floor and worked out with celebrities and models plus Matteo Guidicelli. I was overjoyed he remembered me from previous events. They got so intense with that session.

Now go head to UNIQLO after the lockdown of Manila. We need to get back in shape when life goes back to normal.

Cheers! Hope you all stay safe!


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