Roxanne Barcelo for IWant’s FLUID

Friday, March 06, 2020

A man can fall in love with a woman, a man can fall in love with a man too, it can be anyone, romantically and or not, that’s fluid.

Roxanne Barcelo plays Mitch, who meets George (played by Ann Colis) who both got hurt in past relationships and ended up liking each other, no matter how weird that sounds to some people. 

Roxanne says “I really appreciate that Direk has that much trust in me in creating a production like this. I was hesitant about this but now I understand how I had the best experience of my acting life in this series. The lines that Al Tantay told me just broke me down, he said If you’re sad I’m sad, I just miss my Dad and those lines just touched me. I wouldn’t say how it felt, you have to watch it to see how people go through relationships. I couldn’t compare the kiss with her, she’s so beautiful, she’s a stunner, mulatta, she’s very captivating and if you were my character, you wouldn’t be surprised how she fell in love with her. Showtime was an experience, it was therapeutic and that’s where I experienced how there is music in all of us. How to look in our experiences, don’t die without letting your music out of you. There was a time I got to perform back there, I would be glad to be a host there if given a chance. I wouldn’t want to just stay sweet in roles, I want very creative ones and this was a nice place to do it.”

Here’s how the presscon with her, the Director and Joross Gamboa:

Fluid is made for iWant (so download the app now), this is produced by Lonewolf Films and written by Carlo Ventura, Benedict and Benjie Mique. Cast includes Janice De Belen, Al Tantay, Zar Donato, J-Mee Kantanyag and Emmanuelke Vera. Episodes 1-4 will be up on March 16. This film is about acceptance, family relationships, how love disrupts everything so make sure parents and young ones watch it!


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