SvelTi Aesthetic Centre Outs LAVIEEN Machine

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

SvelTi Aesthetic Centre just opened its doors to bloggers this afternoon as they leveled up with services as they acquire new LAVIEEN Machine.

Ms. JM Matias, SvelT'i Operations Manager says 'We are a little tight today, but I would  to personally like to thank you all for coming. Most of skin problems we encounter in our clinics involve deep acne scars and we now have something to address it, this is Lavieen, it's skin rebirth. This would be best for Pigmentation."

Dr Rowena Aguilar-Joven adds "How long is the healing period? They always ask that. People are so afraid of procedures, this is the first of our BB Lasers. This is a machine with a 1927mm Thulium laser to target pigment lesions or photo damaged skin. Lavieen can be used in sub ablative mode, to target the junction between the epidermis and dermis. Coagulation and denaturalization mainly for whitening but with less downtime. No more fear of not going out and live a normal life like when you do other fractional lasers. Clinical trials show epithelial cells remain, have thermal effect of upper dermis, it would be best for skin rejuvenation. Pigment problems are cured, pores reduced and elasticity in your skin improves. On the day of treatment you'll get slight swelling, scab formation on second day, elimination of scab on third day and after 5 days you're all done. Scabbing are as small as dots of a ballpen, and it would dry out after a few days."

Here's how they did part of the procedure:

She adds "We also call this the BB Laser, at the same time it reduces fine wrinkles and large pores."

According to panelists who have undergone the procedure, you will see results right after it. You come in and in a few minutes you're done. Some patients who suffer from Melasma, enlargment of pores, look like they have BB cream without using it. It's like getting three results in one. They also do organic and fruit based facials, contouring, all you have to do is ask.

SvelTi Aesthetic Centres are found in 61 Timog Avenue in Quezon City and the other one at the GF of the Millennium Building in Ortigas Center Pasig. 


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