#CebSuperSeatFest with MIMIYUUUH

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Just got off the fun event of Cebu Pacific as they unveiled their Super Seat Fest Be a Baryahero campaign among media guests and Manila’s cutest influencers lols. I admit, I’m one of a LOT of people who have been waiting for seat sales in the wee hours of the morning and yes I have personally got a flight to a province which I haven’t been to last night hence my 4am sleep time. Cebu Pacific and several government agencies have been working hard, partnering towards making local tourism a big thing now that international travel is slightly down due to the Covid situation. There are a LOT of places in the country where I’m sure you haven’t been to yet, and that definitely requires a lot of effort to do, make it a part of your bucketlist and enjoy with your friends and family.

Oh and yes, they also got a new Cebu Pacific Brand Ambassador in the persona of the one and only fun ghorl MIMIYUUUH. The famous YouTuber asks you to drink your water bish, and skirrrrrt to your favorite destinations at a fraction of the cost. With your Barya (chump change) you can be a Baryahero. Cebu Pacific has been offering these one peso fares years ago, they have seen they have been copied and they promise to even bring you better deals in their 3 day sale starting today. This is their #CebSuperSeatFest which happens March 3, 4 and 5 rawr!

March 3 is for Domestic
March 4 for International 
March 5  is for whatever is left on sale on both dates. 

Travel period starts from September 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021. I’m bound for Roxas City and Cauayan Isabela, places I’ve never been before. You should do the same, I’m sure you’ll create more memories. It’s affordable because it is Cebu Pacific. 

Every Juan deserves to fly!


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