Good Things About the realme Band

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Just got my hands on the new realme Band. 

It's the new fitness wristband released by realme just a couple of months ago. It's got a very attractive display, not too complicated to set up because it only has one function button. It gets synchronized with your phone so your vitals get checked, updated real time. Compared to a few fitness watches I've had, this one is very affordable. It also has several functions which you could compare to leading watch brands - and is quite easy to operate. It also automatically detects sports modes wether you're doing runs, cricket or yoga. It also measures your heart rate with its sensors, quite nice for those who would want to still stay active under weird days like what we have now.

I've often see this with active people, pretty much to pair and monitor progress. It gives you and idea how to manage physical activities which I also did at home. Here's a short unboxing video I made of the realme Band.

Straps come in different colors and the watch faces can be changed in 5 different designs. I chose the default one because it's already good looking especially since it's got a colored display.

It's also waterproof, can stay submerged for a little under 30 minutes. I've taken it to shower several times and it hasn't gone kaput with the batteries since charging it three days ago. It's pretty efficient, needs not much of cleaning because it gets gently wiped when I go out or workout and all sweaty LOL! Best of all, you can purchase it online, some in flash sales on Lazada so you get it cheaper than the usual price.

For practical runners, athletes that don't need complicated stuff, you can simply get one and use it as you please. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to work. realme just gave you good options!


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