Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Sunday, May 31, 2020

It's times like these when you sit down and think about what's important, we all got a dose of reality that it is health.

How do we effectively take care of our physical health? Our well-being? How about digestive health? People have long forgot about how to take care od the liver where important proteins, vitamins, energy and minerals are stored and made. The thing also filters out harmful toxins from the body and if it gets compromised, it's going to take a toll on our body. One should take it more seriously.

A care package filled with gut loving products, it's time to take care of your liver and digestion!

What's good is, many of these severe liver diseases can be prevented or treated if it is detected early. We just need to act on it, supply necessary help so liver complications do not happen. 

We wouldn't want people to experience chronic fatigue, abdominal pain, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite or a tendency to get bruised easily. A proactive approach is caring for it which means living a healthy lifestyle, good diet and exercise.  These are things that would lessen the chance for it to happen.

To support efforts, some people take (Phospholipids) Essentiale® Forte P which contains purified EPL® (Essential Phospholipids). It is extracted from natural food made with precise technology from Germany. Essentiale is an over the counter treatment which makes it accessible and clinically proven to strengthen liver health by promoting the repairing function and regeneration of liver cells. Well hallelujah!

You can add it up with digestive healthcare solutions like (Bisacodyl) Dulcolax for constipation relief (we all go through that right?) (Hyoscine N-Butylbromide) Buscopan for stomach aches and abdominal cramps (oh you know these ladies!) and Erceflora Probibears for your child’s overall digestion instead of those sweetened drinks which stocks run out in the groceries. 

Last May 29, the whole world celebrated World Digestive Health Day (#WDHD2020) and companies like Sanofi invites you to help spread awareness on proper digestive health. Go show your support by sharing your stories on the internet while using the hashtag #LetsTalkAboutGutFeelings. 

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