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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Taiwan has been undoubtedly a super power in the technology sector. They are one of the countries that has given solutions aimed at supporting remote work and study technologies. This has proven very useful now that COVID19 happened and everyone had to stay at home.

For those who don't know, Taiwan Excellence is the international promotional campaign of the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). They recently introduced a suite of Remote Video Conferencing solutions. In a recent livestream press conference, TAITRA showcased several of these from Taiwan. All of which can address the need for Remote Video Conferencing which can be used either for work or education.

This is no surprise as Taiwan’s strong ICT technology and hunger for innovation has already impressed a lot of countries including the Philippines. Taiwanese brands have made their mark in being part of the new norm as we all find new ways to do work and learning.

Simon Wang, the Executive Vice President of TAITRA says "Due to the pandemic, a lot of people have lost mobility, the ability to travel anywhere. This also hampers physical contact with people, no more shaking hands,  meetings and conferences. People had to do it at the comforts of their own homes, to spend more time online, relying on information security to ensure communication over the internet remains safe. This is why Taiwan Excellence, which likens the Oscars of the US for the best in movies, is a symbol of the best products selected by the Taiwanese government. For quality but reasonably priced networking solutions, Taiwan, specifically Taiwan Excellence products, are in position to fill that need."

At the virtual press conference, 4 Taiwanese brands showcased their products aimed to enhance the quality and utility of remote communication.


CyberLink has “U Communication Suite” designed for business communication. It has fully integrated service for online meetings, presentations and even business chat. The app features ease of use on any device, complete organization management for administration to keep track of key metrics. It also has internationally recognized “Information Security Certification” and video quality backed by AI technology.  The "U Meeting" function in this suite was also selected as the Best video conferencing software in 2020 by


AVer has this "Mechanical Arm Wireless Interactive Visualizer". It is ultra-lightweight and convenient for educators to carry. Equipped with a 4K 13-megapixel camera that can do 60fps imaging, it can present teaching materials without missing any of the finer details. It also functions as a network camera which can be used to  facilitate remote teaching. It also has won awards such as the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award for Good Design and Best of Show at ISTE last year.



The groundbreaking DeltaKnEW Academy is an innovative and open platform for Smart Learning. This has patented learning experience design to equip professionals and enterprises with the latest Industry 4.0 skills. It comes with a web version and mobile app which enables on-the-job, in the moment and on-the-go learning. Professionals can use this very versatile and personalized platform for learning so they could start re-skilling and upskilling.


BXB's very own “Q.con Video Conferencing Solution” helps to improve the quality of video conferencing. Its lens can auto-track and provide close-ups of participants to show the facial expressions of speakers, providing the personal touch so often missing from online meetings. Its built-in cardioid microphone can also auto-detect the voice of speakers and block out background noises to ensure the highest of sound quality. Moreover, Q.con supports various platforms such as U meeting, Skype, Good Meets, Microsoft Teams, ZOOM and LINE, among others. 

Top products meant for the most discerning customers in the world is now available in the Philippines. I am so glad Taiwan is such a nice ICT product source, they've been very good quality wise.


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