Security Labels on Food Deliveries

Friday, May 29, 2020

During this ECQ, I've been ordering a lot of food from local businesses. Not just to help them but because I dread washing dishes, and yes, they're pretty good cooks. The packaging though has a lot to like about because it's either flimsy, or just plain fluff. The preparation, the deliveries themselves might be prone to tampering. A few of them have tapes on them, it gets a little rowdy on the motorcycle ride and chances are, you don't know how it gets to your home untouched.

I see some of them employ nice stickers like the SecureLabels from Dragonfly Printing Services. Now it doesn't cost much at all, about a peso on some of them which is measly for the peace of mind of the consumer. Apart from that, your home businesses would look very professional which is very important for branding  For those who would like to get some, you can get in touch with them at
02-8713-0168 | 02-8516-0182 or visit

Keeping your food safe is a good thing!


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