Angelo Reyes March 17, 1945 – February 8, 2011

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I was shocked to say the least. Former Energy Secretary General Angelo Reyes committed suicide in the front of his mother's grave (via gunning himself down from a .45 caliber pistol). There must be a lot of things surrounding this event but if you think about it the pressure of being in the midst of controversy is the main cause of this. Honor has never been existent in this country of corrupt officials but look at what he did after getting his name marred in the AFP brouhaha. Rabusa the former AFP budget officer was also saddened about this even after exposing this system of money laundering in the defense department. It's so sad but after all these things there will still be a Senate and Congressional probe about the send off money they received to the amount of 50 million pesos. They apparently will still never forget about Reyes' wife too that had 41 trips outside of the country paid for by the peoples money.

I am sad because I knew him as my Dad's batchmate. He always attended their great activities. He was a decorated man and a civic leader. He chose to keep silent after all that because his reputation is being damaged, but Trillanes said otherwise and mentioned he had no reputation to damage anymore. He ain't sorry too for saying that. For what its worth I am still sorry for Angelo Reyes. May he rest in peace!

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condolences to his family..nashock din ako sa news..