The Perfect Lounging Afternoon

Sunday, February 06, 2011

I had friends over for a quick meal and made a lot of effort preparing food. I haven't seen them for a long time and this would really be a good day to reconnect. It was a good thing it happened on my day off so the schedule fits. They even brought wine and booze since that's what we often do in the hay days but I didn't quite enjoy that part since I stopped drinking a few months back. I asked them to wait in the Living Room as I get the food fixed and all along I thought they were comfortable. When I asked them to sit down on the table one of them whispered to me that I should change sofas. I was dumbfounded because I thought it was nice... apparently the blue corduroy that made everything hot said otherwise. I think I should take a look at my options in Max Furniture instead so I could get a new one. That is one thing I'll try and accomplish before the month ends. I don't have an expensive date for Valentines anyway!

The long stories between us were to die for! I love reminiscing and reconnecting and it was nice to see them in the flesh again. Some have kids and some stayed single like me. I want to see their kids though; call me envious but it falls on that category these days. I'm so happy about what happened to them and how they have become. I'm sure if I get leather ones the ambiance at home would surely be perfect. I won't have to sleep in a hot sofa on rest days too. I hope the next time they come over I'd be able to fix some design problems at home and get to have a few pieces purchased. Then I wouldn't have to worry about things like these anymore and just enjoy the time with them. That would be the perfect thing to do in a lazy afternoon. =)



Bino said...

padalaw nga sa bahay mo minsan hahahaha

John Bueno said...

me ganun? LOL

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

sarap umupo at mahiga diyan..