Glam - High Fashion by the River

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

In the not so quaint Marikina River Park we went in and arranged this photoshoot with the C4. The Call Center Camera Club is pretty big and by the looks of it there will be more shoots with these equally good looking guys in the coming months. My Fashion Photography itch would definitely welcome this.

I'm not going to show you the whole set but I'm going to get you a glimpse of some of the shots I made and what I was trying to achieve in post processing. I've been a little haunted by low key shots these past few weeks so I'm trying to get high contrast brightened skin colors because I'm not much of a fan of over saturated skin. I guess in some way I achieved that but I'm experimenting with layouts pretty soon. The end result is a little on the white-vampiric looking side and I got to emphasize on better parts like the eyes and clothes. Obviously I'm not done with the whole set but this should be a good thing to start that off.



Wind in the hair! ^^,

Sittin and lookin at you!

Taking a peek! ^^,

Glam Sev

Showing you some new sets pretty soon! Stay tuned for that! =)


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