The Real Thing Diner

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Saturday would not be complete without me going out on the freeway. Well its not much on the freeway but just a few skips and a hop outside my neighborhood. This particular place is right in the smack of Tomas Morato. IL TERRAZO has been one of the few new buildings that sprouted in this very heavy commercial district. A couple of new restaurants to boot and specialties on food and technology was weirdly placed together. Digital Camera shops, Computer Hardware stores and Steaks all in one place. This is a piece of heaven for me bar none and apparently it works since there are more spaces converted into restaurants. The Real Thing Diner emphasizes on food based on marinades and sauces from Coca-Cola Products. Cooking with this is not new to me (since I cook dishes with the same ingredients) but to solely dedicate food selection with their products is unheard of in Quezon City. I was in for a good trip!

Coinciding with the event I was in was a taste of the store's offerings so I went ahead and got my favorite Baby Back Ribs. It's not the usual one but the sauce and marinade is all based on Coke. Check this out!

Say goodbye to your diet plans because this slab of meat entails sweet-cola flavored base and a spicy-tarragon/rosemary after taste. They don't use fresh ones and stay with Mccormick dried ones so you get to know how potent they are when it crosses the dinner table. The meat falls off the bone and the ribs are quite a hit among the people who went there at that time.

They also have chicken marinated in Eight O'clock Orange juice and pork chops in Pulpy Minute Maid juice. They taste quite good since the citrus works well on them. The sauce on the ribs made of Coca Cola reduction was sweet and tangy; not the usual sauces you find in stores but it does actually taste nice with the spices that they also used with the ribs. I am trying to stay away from rice these days but this is one of the instances that you have to when you encounter em specially the huge slice of pork. =)

The Food did an average job but the place is really nice. There are Coke memorabilia's and stuff for promotion since the owner probably worked all his life in that corporation too. It's interiors were reminiscent of those 60's themed places with a touch of new since the coasters, condiments and table ornaments were from the present offerings Coke has. Nothing vintage with that so there. It was quite adequate but I am unsure if they have more people after we left. They are a stones throw away from the popular desert place Banapple so they will benefit from the spillovers and the curious ones. It's good and clean, a good 3 kumags for food and 4 kumags for the ambiance which was a notch better.

Thank you so much to the people behind The Real Thing Diner, Coca-Cola and JC Cuadrado who made us so "at home". =)


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Axl Powerhouse Network said...

ang layo T.morato pero anyway ang ganda ng ambiance ha parang 70's yung style... hehhe :D