Working Too Hard in the Office?!

Friday, February 18, 2011


If you are working too hard in the office and you concentrate so much with work, this might actually happen to you. Poor woman dies in the office last Friday and nobody noticed until Saturday.

Rebecca Wells was 51 when she passed away and people only knew her as the one who was always working. One woman even said that she might not have been noticed by anybody in the office even as everyone left. She was performing audit jobs for a risk management company. So if you know someone in your office works too hard, you might as well take a look at them more often because they might already be dead.

Sad huh?!



pusangkalye said...

malay mo nakakita ng ipis.inatake. labo nman kasi ng news na to.hahaha

John Bueno said...

actually inatake sya sa puso sabe sa news hehe