Philippine AZKALS Win Versus Mongolia Blue Wolves 2-0 (Video Embedded)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I was waiting for my Mom to arrive from Bacolod (yes she missed it by a few hours!) while watching the AZKALS VS MONGOLIA Match this evening February 9, 2011. I was so excited to see thousands upon thousands of Filipinos who flocked in Panaad Stadium who watched our home boys play with a lower ranked country like Mongolia. Yes we are the favored team to win this time.

I was sure that the Azkals would play with what they were known for, DEFENSE... but apparently this time they were the ones going to the goal several times and put the Mongolian Blue Wolves mum at 2-0. Caligdong scored the first goal for the Azkals which got the whole crowed cheering more at the 42nd minute. Here's the video!

Caligdong had to make sure you guys know his name ha-ha!

The half European Superstar Phil Younghusband also got a share of the loot a few seconds before the game ended. I was really waiting for them to score the second goal since he predicted this before the game started with TJ Manotoc. It was also a nice gesture for the Filipino crowd to cheer for the Mongolian players after their national anthem. Here's a playback of Phil Younghusband's goal!

Look at that! Just how many red shirts tried to stop that right?!

So it is clear that we have something to look forward to after this AFC season. They play for the love of the country so I hope and pray something happens to our team as we vie for the World Cup.... Yeah I know, libre naman mangarap diba?! (It's free to dream that big right?!) Ha-ha!

Credits to TJ Trinidad for the stills and youtube guy for the uploads!



glentot said...

Funny. The only person I think about whenever I hear about the Azkals is Jessica Zafra.

Axl Powerhouse Network said...

whaha napanood ko to ang lupit ng labanan nito kagbi... galing ni phil pati ni araneta :D

Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by. i like your posts and added you on my list to make it easier for me to visit you again.

thanks as well for this post, at least na-update ako sa laban ng Azkals. At truelulu, libre mangaral. malay naman natin & it's about time we start dreaming BIG!