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Friday, July 13, 2012

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine.

Travelling would totally be better if you've got your friends to come along for the ride. I can imagine I would probably have more fun enjoying the sights and sounds of a newly explored city if my best friend would be there with me. At least there would be someone stopping me going crazy over landmarks and touristy spots along the way. Unless she goes ahead and do the same thing with me too, there are exceptions.

We sit and wonder how it would actually look like in L.A. or maybe what it feels like meeting movie stars while walking down the streets of Hollywood. Good thing we can easily go and watch this video!

Don't you just envy them? I'm sure some of you would easily breeze across those landmarks in no time. Do you know how they got to the landmarks effortlessly? Did you see how they just said the instructions and the car literally played the audio for the clue? The KIA Rio is one of the smartest cars out there and with the UVO Technology you can't go wrong with your vehicle. A simple button press can do wonders on this 4 wheeled wonder. Imagine your whole phonebook saved and connected via blue tooth. That means you can drive around town and never worry about picking up an important phone call or even start one. You can also try and listen to the tracks by transferring them to the dashboard. If you've seen the USB they inserted on the port below, they just waited a few seconds and it loaded up in no time at all. That's my favorite because I have tons of music. The rear camera too might come in handy when backing up your car. You will feel totally safe! I'm sure other phones can't simply sync and do that. Only a few cars can make that feat. This was already proven in their trips to the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, Amoeba Records, Rodeo Drive, Pink’s Hot Dogs and the historic Roosevelt Hotel. They rushed but it was all comfortable because of their ride. Even though I felt that the ride to the Roosevelt Hotel was a little far, it was easy with KIA Rio. Nothing beats that!

If you have time, try and check out the Rio Explorer Page and see what you've been missing out on. These can't be called smart cars anymore because they are notch beyond it. It's simply genius! Now I wonder if they can get Liv Tyler for me.


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