SKY Cable Brings More Things To Watch This July!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

I've been subscribed for the longest time with SKY Cable and that wouldn't change anytime soon. It's so nice to see they are amping up their line of channels through Sky Cable Select this July. I've seen these programs and they are pretty interesting. 

Car Crazy Central

The best cars, vintage or new they've got it all here in Car Crazy Central. Make sure you join Barry Meguiar as he goes around the world to the best events just to give you a closer look at these 4 wheeled wonders. This is the part where I say I got to like cars more after seeing this LOL. 

22941 Ep Ferris Wheel. Deliverables.

I don't know who in the right mind would do stunts or death defying things on TV. Though dangerous it looks like some people are entertained by this, what I'm interested in is how this man thinks. It's not everyday that we see people walk on structures as gigantic as this Ferris Wheel without harnesses. If you just see how these people get their jaws drop on TV, you'll probably do the same.

Big Bend Power Plant

The everglades of Florida just became more interesting as these brothers take you around interesting spots and let you check out the flora and fauna in this region. They're called the Swamp Brothers and they will make you either squirm or get more interested with what they have in their hands. See the gators? Kinda cute huh?

Speaking of cute, here's a shot of one episode in Toddlers and Tiaras. How do these stage moms even get their kids to do this at an early age. Definitely something to talk about with child protection or pageants overall. All these programs can be seen through Sky Cable's channels like Discovery Channel(SKYcable channel 39), Discovery Home & Health (SKYcable channel 121), Discovery Turbo (SKYcable channel 122) and (SKYcable ch 40) Animal Planet. It's time to add on something to your basic packages and add on something for a month or two, or maybe the whole year! It would only cost you around 20-50 pesos a month. 

For more information

Pleas visit their website

Or simply call SKYcable’s customer service hotline

02-3810000 (Metro Manila, CAMANAVA and Rizal)
046-4844701 (Cavite)
02-5208560 (San Pedro, Laguna)
044-6935877 (Bulacan)
032-3452278 (Cebu)
082-3055456 (Davao) 

/Credits to SkyCable PR and the respective photographers for the photos


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