The Healing: Stars Vilma Santos, Kim Chiu Opens on Theaters July 25!

Monday, July 23, 2012

It was my first time to see her in the flesh. I was star struck!

This movie is all about faith. Filipinos have always gone to great lenghts just to get what they need. Health care is so scarce in rural areas and some resort to witchcraft, spiritists and other non earthly things. Director Chito Rono presents this suspense - horror movie starring the one and only Vilma Santos along with a powerhouse cast including Pokwang, Robert Arevalo, Martin Del Rosario, Janice De Belen, Mark Gil, Carmi Martin, Cris Villanueva, Allan Paule, Ces Quesada, Ynes Veneracion, Abby Bautista, Daria Ramirez, Chinggoy Alonzo, Simon Ibarra, Mon Confiado and the gorgeous Kim Chiu. This film also stars Joel Torre, Jhong Hilario, Ana capri and Ina Feleo produced by Star Cinema.

The stars alone would tell you that this is going to be a big hit. The cast really felt honored to be in the midst of Ms Vilma Santos and I could not blame them. The Director alone gave me goosebumps. You can't see how excited they are in this project because as Ms Janice De Belen said just to have one scene with the star for all seasons would immediately make this movie worthwhile. People are curious about cures and all that mumbo jumbo healing; and once there are people involved you can't discount their ability to believe in this since it's the only available way to cure people in the poverty line or those who are hopeless from a-z. Fan groups like Kim Chiu Global and Vilmanians even invited me to their block screening, imagine these guys spending for their idols... That's how much they love Ms Vilma and Kim! They love them back too. Ms Vilma Santos acknowledged all the help she's getting from her loyal Vilmanians and constituents in Batangas.

Did you see their guesting last Sunday on The Buzz? It was pandemonium. Ms Vilma Santos said she handpicked Kim Chiu because she is so good, and very raw, very natural. It would be a big mistake not to see that. Kim said this is really an honor for her to get to work and be in the movie with Ms Vilma. It's a dream come true for her! As with any other Vilma Santos film this will surely be part of Philippine cinema history and the chance alone to do this is huge for the cast.

Sir Rio the writer says that the film would only fail if Ms Vilma Santos didn't agree or accept this role. He also said without Chito Rono on the helm the execution wouldn't be also good because this calls for a huge vision, he was lucky to have been able to personally be asked to custom this role for the star for all seasons. Dicrector Chito Rono says there are a lot of other directors out there that have that spark or shine. He wouldn't name names but he is optimistic that there are a lot of them out there that's got promise. Ms Vilma also told us about her family and how proud she is of her boys. Each one is different and she has seen Luis Manzano do his own stuff and put his money where its supposed to be. Ryan Christian is doing good in school and he's grown so humble. They were worried about what his reaction would be with Senator Ralph Recto's defeat in the last elections but he stood up like a man and that takes a lot for a kid. It was heartwarming to see her kids grew up like she wanted to, and even more. She loves her family, and her youngest kid Senator Ralph Recto; and this is her secret why she was able to manage the province of Batangas since she became a governor.

I don't think I should spill the detils of the movie because that would be your responsibility. This is in celebration of Vilma Santos' 50 years in show business. You should watch it on Theaters on July 25, 2012. They are expecting you to be there!



el toro bumingo said...

Ikaw na malapit sa Star For All Seasons!  Napanood ko yung trailer. Katakot :(

glentot said...

ampuki mo may L-carnitine LOL

toprepublic said...

ikaw na ang bakang gala! ahahaha nice naman nito! face to face mo si ms. V :)