Dare To Be Different: Alcatel One Touch Launch!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alcatel is one of the leading brands in manufacturing smartphones in the world. We were invited to a fab luncheon to witness the launch a couple of new models and it was made more special as endorser Christ Tiu was out to tell us the good news. Sad though that he couldn't be there that afternoon because he'll be representing the Philippines in the Southeast Asian circuit but he sent his friends over. He also sent a video to let us know how much he loves using the handset he's got and how it perfectly fits his lifestyle, without breaking the bank!

Ms Liza Woods Alcatel's Regional Director for Asia Pacific said the launch was inevitable and vital to grow their business in the country. She was so proud that Alacatel has grown to be a formidable brand in the country and is looking forward to probably launch newer models in the months to come.

Alcatel's endorser Christ Tiu shows us his handset which is the Sapphire HD. These are all Android powered devices and pack a punch in the processor department. The display is quite large but still quite comfortable in the hand. He honestly compared this phone to other leading brands and says he's better off with the one he can use for a long time and still have the same capabilities without worrying going over the 30K mark for a single phone. He says the phone does the work of the popular ones and actually does it better in some areas. Browsing is even better than that of other smartphones.

The gorgeous Tin Patrimonio graced the occasion and said the only things she look for in phones is the essentials, a good camera, can play music and get you connected to the Internet when you need it. She was so pretty in person and I personally like her. She'll probably be one of the brightest stars in ABSCBN soon! I heard she is planning to join Bb. Pilipinas as well, I wouldn't be surprised because she's got one of the nicest faces I've seen in showbiz. She'll definitely go a long way.

I feel so panget when I'm seeing guys like him. I dunno why but Kevin Fowler sure can brighten up someones day just with a smile. He wants to have a phone that will fit his lifestyle, one that he can use when his friends, even family far away to communicate with him while he's in the Philippines. He goes out at night and Android phones like what Alacatel has in their artillery that can respond really fast without any hitches. 

Steph Prescott and Steph Henares both Kapuso stars were there too to grace the event. They say phones must be fashionable too. It can't be too bulky, phones must be sleek in design and one that you can modify to look and feel the same way that you do.

Heartthrob and crooner Markki Stroem says he needs the player to be dependable since he uses it for creating and listening to music. He says the phone has these simple features and sees that he doesn't have to pay much for something like this. Getting the right phone is essential to make your life easier he laments. Plus it doesn't matter if he is good looking too eh?! =)

Hunky Survivor Philippines Castaway Gino Dela Pena. He was there too. It was my first time seeing him to tell you honestly and I get why people talking about him says he looks good. His physique was remarkable and probably works out everyday. He says he needs a simple phone, not too complicated and just does what he needs to see like news, weather, anything that can get him started throughout the day. He was also very humble, he didn't talk that much but he's quite nice to everyone that afternoon. He should be utilized better by GMA, he definitely needs a big break.

There were also some of the most beautiful people in the blogging world. Had fun overall and can't wait to see the phones. So I went ahead and got some shots of that too.

Chris Tiu's phone the One Touch 995 Sapphire's got 3DUI/HD Video on the 4.3" Display Screen. It can also work on 3G HSPDA Network, has 1.4GHz processor and running 2.3 Gingerbread. Packs a punch!

 The One Touch 985N Blaze's got 3.5" Display, works on a 3G HSPDA network too. 5MP Camera and runs on 2.3 Gingerbread too.

The smaller, sleeker One Touch Inspire 991D has got 4 inch display, runs on 3G HSPDA network, has got 800MHz processor and has 2.3 Gingerbread too.

The One Touch 916D Spark FB has a cool qwerty keypad, can connect to WIFI hotspots, got 3G HSPDA network, a 5MP cam and runs on 2.3 Gingerbread as well.

The One Touch 918N Glory phone has got a smaller frame, 3.5 inch display, 3G HSPDA, 3.2MP Camera and still runs 2.3 Gingerbread. It comes in white too.

The most kikay of them all. This is the Alcatel One Touch 810D Glam. It's like a compact makeup kit perfect for ladies who want to still stay pretty at any time of tha day. This is also dual sim so you can switch networks easily. It's got 2.0 MP camera and is available in a whole array of colors. This would be perfect for ladies who want something small.

For what it's worth Alcatel has launched formidable, decently priced smartphones to play a huge role in the Philippine market. I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a hit with those who would prefer Android over other OS infused phones. With the onslaught of Iphone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones Alacatel will battle it out as one of the best in Asia. Truly this brand has been remarkably been impressing me and the rest of the country. 

I'm loving Alacatel! ♥



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