Making A Statement on The Streets:
Urban Athletics!

Monday, July 09, 2012

It was a cold night. A Saturday night. It was high time we got out of our homes and into the party scene again. So glad that I woke up for this. But I admit I wasn't ready for what I was about to witness!

Hosting the show was Tyler and Suzy Magic 89.9! These guys were awesome. Talked quite a bit of what's about to happen and introduced some people from the business.

Honestly, this is a whole new world for me. I am used to functions with more on the fashion savvy crowd; and right from the get go it was totally different. The Urban Athletics brand brought a different genre, it was more on the Urban, Hiphop, sporty kinda level. It wasn't too fancy but more of an EHLAY (downtown L.A. As in Los Angeles) to East Coast kinda vibe into it. The people were kinda a mix of that too. There were RnB, HipHop artists, dancers, rappers, basketball players, expats, fans... It was complex but do you get what I'm describin? Im sure you do.

They do things differently, dress that way too. The brands alone would tell you the aesthetics of what they are, what they look like and what kind of things they enjoy. I was learning about this whole new genre and was so glad to see them all in one place. Then I got to see some personalities in the RnB and HipHop scene. This was a bonus!

Dj Buzz provided the music. He was awesome and kinda set the mood that evening. It puts you in that place where you feel you were just hanging out with friends, like EHLAY barbecue, at noon. He's a genius.

 Representing Flip Music was an artist named Muriel, she sang a few songs. It exuded hotness, makin love and more. She had her own fanclub in the crowd too. Quite cute. Her songs are currently played in Wave, try to look her up and request for her single. Specifically the one titled "Uh".

The Matinik single of Kenjohns (a former all stars member) and their group Rockstar was another treat. It was catchy, beats were kinda fun in all the right places. I guess hearing Filipino rap tunes was really ON! The dancers who performed with him was superb, they performed 100% and they had that presence!Of course they were there to promote some of the latest releases in hiphop gear and apparel called The One. It's available now in Urban Athletics stores. (*added one to my checklist* ✓) Pair this up with current staples on your closet or let this be the actual main outfit, it's gonna be awesome!

I didn't know Kat Alano could do this. She's tall, pretty, models, hosts and can carry a tune... what more can you ask for gentlemen?? Performing with her on this bit is Thyro. She also composed this song FYI! Back to Bed I think is the name of her single. Thyro's got an album out with Yumi properly called "Thyro and Yumi". Heard it from a friends IPAD and they're good!

From Hyphen in the US here's J.O.L.O. He performed together with Tamika and Kid Wolf. This young lady rapping in pink on the other hand is Marianne. They've got tunes you'll enjoy if you are into street type of rap music. You kinda know there's passion in there somewhere. You feel it.

 Enjoying the sounds and music right beside my was underground rap superstar Delo. I'm sure you've watched some of his videos. This guy is so quiet and humble in person. He's a devil with a microphone foh shuh!

This event also launched The Empire x Fanboy brand of Tyler, Finny and Enzo. They've got cool, bad ass shirts. Some had various artists, basketball/sports teams etc perfect for street wear. Simple concept but it gets their point across. It kinda starts there to turn your Fanboy mode on. Wish I had one but a different team than the NBA champs haha! Sorry I'm no Miami Heat fan! LOL

First time to meet Ms. Roe Comendador of Urban Athletics. Here with her is Enzo aka Juan Manila of She was so nice, whilst Enzo on the other hand was soooo baddd LOL


This awesome guy is Paulo Guerrero, he's from Urban Athletics. He was so nice! Of course we had to have Beer Pong Lessons inside the store! I should play this game soon, and I'll probably not care at all if I lose. The Manila Beer was GREAT! Had a couple of rounds and boy was I happy! ^_^ 


Yeap you are not seeing old photos, this is NEW baby! You are not dreaming, imagine I was right in front of former Legit Mizfits frontman now going solo MC Dash. With him is Pino G, then on he also performed with Tempest and Blake,  as if that wasn't enough he then did a couple with fellow legendary hiphop demigods Chemical Ali, Jesri, Jaime Labrador - BB clan, plus they even performed everybody's freakin favorite JABONGGA! This just made my night extra special! :D They are also wearing those awesome The One and WIP caps, it just completes their getup. This guy is sick I'm telling you. I haven't seen anyone perform this passionately with their music in a loooonggg time.

My favorite shoes in the world SUPRA was also there too bringing in that new urban street vibe into footwear. Their unparalleled aesthetics, design and colors were evident; I really envy the guy who got the pair last night, too much that I must have one of those real soon! Sorry, self confessed shoe addict here. You guys had me at "pwede na yan! (in size 10) says Suzy of Magic 89.9" =)  They also carry VURS merchandise which is somewhat a very socially responsible clothing collection. Imagine parts of the profits of this shirt goes to initiatives against human trafficking. Pretty dope!

I also saw this rack of Timbre headphones. Man, I'm telling you I'll surely go back for this. This is a must have item from their store.So that means, I MUST HAVE THIS!

This event was beyond my expectations. I learned a lot of things and picked up so many brands I should have known a long time ago. Urban Athletics showed me Urban/Street fashion that's a whole different culture. I've met some of the nicest people in the Urban/RnB and HipHop industry, the nicest athletes all under one roof. Thank you so much to Team Strato, everyone behind Urban Athletics and this event! I'll be looking at things way differently now. Your clothes, shoes, shirts and accessories of the brands you carry inside the store are epic! (which reminds me they carry Adidas Originals, Converse, Vans, Radii, Zoo York, Nike 6.0, Zurrick, Manhattan Portage and more!) I can't wait to get first dibs on it again soon!  

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