Authentic Like No Other: Segafredo Zanetti Espresso!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coffee. It might just be a word for you, or something that you drink every morning. Every time you are stressed, happy, sad or just chilling you know you want it - whenever, wherever. It's something Filipinos have grown to love. We have failed in some parts of it though; on how to spot an authentic cup of espresso. That's where Segafredo Zanetti comes in.

Segafredo Zanetti known throughout the world as the leading Espresso producer. Setting up shops in various cities bringing only the quality of the same espresso served in Italy. They have served millions of cups since their inception and since they are in Manila's shores, they made sure everything would be at par with the standards they have set throughout the world.This corporation belongs to the Massimo Zanetti Beverage group. It's one of 37 companies across the world with an annual turnover of $1.2 Billion represented in almost 100 countries. Segafredo Zanetti holds 4 brands namely Segafredo Zanetti (the brand for the wholesale market), Segafredo Zanetti Espresso (the brand they have exclusive for Espresso bars), Segafredo Coffee System (a brand for the retail market producing home and office coffee machines) and La San Marco (the brand for large scale espresso machines). In the Philippines, LVI or Liberty Ventures, Inc is the exclusive franchisee of the Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Bar. They also have the distribution rights for all the products of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group which includes Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Beans and La San Marco Espresso Machines. This quaint company that started shop on 1988 in Paris, France has already conquered Europe, The Middle East and various cities in the US including the Americas. They also have shops on our neighboring countries like Japan and those in the ASEAN. The goal is to spread the taste of true blue Italian Espresso in any part of the world.

Spotted with these guys from Segafredo Zanetti was Manila socialite cum butterfly Ms. Tessa Prieto - Valdez.She had awesome espresso specially prepared for her by Master Brewer Ilja of Segafredo Zanetti. He actually oversees Asian operations and if you see shops in this region he probably helped set that up. He also conducts regular quality control checks to make sure every espresso, cappuccino or beverage made in any country follows the strict standards of  Segafredo Zanetti.

Grand Chef Barista Ilija Naumovski shows that in Segafredo Zanetti they only have serious coffee machines and the next best thing they can brew other than the authentic espresso only comes out in pods from the same company. He's actually based in Japan now to oversee quality assurance throughout the Asian region. I even heard him telling instructions in Japanese. What an awesome Gaijin! Haha!

These pods from Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Systems come in different flavors. The Regular Blends Decaffinato and Espresso (photo above). Then there's Specialty Blends Brazil, Costa Rica and Peru. All of these are concocted in their own plant, harvested from their own farms too. In a nutshell, from the ground up you can only expect the best from Segafredo Zanetti. Nothing beats the best!

Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Systems believe that the machines you use are as important as the coffee itself. That is the same reason why they produce their own ones in Italy, maintaining the highest possible standard that only they can achieve - and they call it myespresso. They believe in being ecologically responsible too; that's why Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Systems have Ecopure capsules.

La San Marco as part of their company has been producing world class bar Equipments like Espresso Machines and Grinders. It's one of the reasons why they have everything authentic. 

They've also got in house beans like Espresso Casa which is a blend of Arabica and Robusta. It's intense and creamy, you can call it perfect for that original espresso taste.Horeca Beans on the other hand is a blend of the same beans from South America. It's got sweet tones compared to the latter. Cafe Mag Ground is something that their local Poland counterparts came out with. It's perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea, without the tea of course!

Cafesenza Decaffeinato Sachets (the blue one on top) is separately packaged with the same Italian espresso flavors. Full bodied, fragrant and got that same aroma you can't stop loving this brew even without that caffeine guilt!

He even taught us how to make the perfect espresso and the perfect capuccino. It was really nice seeing some things that other coffee shops in the country shouldn't be doing to get the perfect cup! I was schooled by this great guy!

Andrea Borghesan, born and raised in Italy. He's the current Export Manager of Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Systems. He emphasized the importance of the role Segafredo Zanetti plays in the market. They are not out just to have their products sold, but to provide the best Espresso experience their customers look for. They are the only one to offer the complete coffee solution, that's top grade quality. I've never seen guys that's so enthusiastic about Espresso like them. I didn't know I had to learn so many things about brewing, but now that they have Segafredo Zanetti Espresso in Manila then I could probably just take my time and visit their stores soon.

Here are their branches:

SZE Net Plaza
GF Net Plaza Building 31st Street
E. Square Zone, Crescent Park West
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

SZE Podium
2F The Podium ADB Avenue
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

SZE Greenhills
GF BDO Building, Phase 2
Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills
San Juan

So if you are in search of that perfect cup of coffee, espresso or capuccino make Segafredo Zanetti Espresso your next destination! You'll never regret taking my advise this time! ☺

For more information

Please contact the numbers below or visit their office

2nd floor JM Bldg., S. Osmena Avenue corner Rockefeller St.,
San Isidro, Makati
☺ 8430661



Xenia said...

Hi! The contact number of Podium branch is 633.3421 and the address of our head office is 2nd floor JM Bldg., S. Osmena Avenue corner Rockefeller St., San Isidro, Makati with telephone number 843.0661. Thanks! :) -Xenia

el toro bumingo said...

I can smell the aroma of the coffee just by looking at your pictures :)