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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Individuality. That's the perfect word to describe what BUM has been able to depict these past few years. I've been witness to how they have continually evolving to emo, goth, cosplay which previously concentrated on the dark, black and white palette. Today, they've got one of the best collections out on the market and true enough they have been experimenting with colors. They haven't gone too far away from the style but the colors just gives it more life!

BUM also released their own line of bags this season and what better way to celebrate it but by getting me one of em! I'm a guy who adores bags and shoes so this is definitely PERFECT for me!

I guess they didn't hold back on using colors. Just look at this awesome piece of art I got in the mail! I'd love to carry this around and be the envy of  my friends! Haha!

I love this skull and star crested logo of BUM. It definitely takes you to that goth feel the brand is known for.

I love the detail they put in into this bag. It even has a hoodie on top perfect for the weather in pinas no?! You can wear it that way to protect your things and yourself from the rain. This bag definitely doesn't look cheap in my books.

I've been collecting these voodoo dolls since its inception. There are a lot of designs already released and this is just something I'd like to continue. Thank you BUM for making the right move to make bags along with the awesome clothes that you already have! I can't wait to see you release footwear/ shoes soon! May I suggest that? Haha!

Plus they've got fans with images of Empress Schuck, Dino Imperial, Bea Binene and heartthrob Daniel Padilla on their stores too! They are having a sale this whole month of July so make sure you rush to BUM Equipment stores, branches, kiosks nationwide! You can get 20% OFF on regular items and that's surely a steal!

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