Experience "Flavors of Asia" at Marriott Hotel Manila

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Sometimes I feel so guilty heading down south but I can't stop myself from dreaming of scrumptious food every time I see Marriott Hotel Manila's sign in front of the Airport. It's like calling me to sit down and eat. Since I'm a good guy, I went ahead and did the next best thing... I tried it out right then and there!

It was so good because the month of July sparks the beginning of FLAVORS OF ASIA where 4 esteemed chef's from the ASEAN region concoct their best recipes and whip them up in Marriott Hotel Manila. I was so happy I don't have to travel far and wide to taste these delectable dishes. They were the ones who made the Chef's come to Manila instead!

What's in store? Well take a look!

From Vietnam, Phan Tien Hoa of Renaissance Riverside Saigon made these yummy Assorted Spring Rolls. This is staple on every Vietnamese table, I sometimes see them prepare this with rice noodles, chicken, pork and other veggies. It was a mouthful but nothing's going to stop us from devouring this crunchy treat specially prepared by the Chef himself!

Ruhizad Muri of Renaissance KL just made my day. This is the famous Beef Rendang which hails from Malaysia is a combination of that sweet, spicy, salty and coconut - curry creamy taste. It's a bit complicated to cook but I'm sure this was easy for the Chef to prepare. It's like saying how we cook Adobo in our own homes. It was so good I had second servings of it. I love beef and I love curry. This was all that rolled into one. Plus the soft beef was so good with the spicy kick on it. My mouth was happy.

Thonathorn Krobsuay from the posh JW Marriott Bangkok Thailand did this amazing Green Papaya Salad. The cool papaya and the sweet salty sauce that it came with was so lovely. Honestly this is the second time I'm tasting this dish but the memories of Bangkok really comes crashing back to me. It's fruity aroma flourishes on each strand of this homey dish from the region. I did taste a bit of the Shrimp but had to drink a couple of meds later in the evening. I'm allergic to seafood but the fat shrimps that came with this was well worth the trouble! Just don't tell my mom!

Sate, yummy treats don't come in one form as Chef Dadang Wahyudi of JW Marriott Jakarta Indonesia prepares this one of a kind dish commonly seen in the suburbs of their country. In chicken, beef or seafood varieties this barbecue like dish is so awesome in all the right places. This usually comes with a peanut sauce or chili dip. You can take this as a snack or something to pair with rice or other carbs in the pantry. I have seen different versions of this but one things for sure, Chef Wahyudi's Sate's are so good!

From Asia, to continental dishes, to middle eastern or American they have that on the buffet like staple. You won't actually need to go far since it's all in the M Cafe grounds at the Marriott Hotel Manila. The price point is pretty reasonable too since they are serving international grade food on the tables. You'll surely love what the Chef's would prepare for you if you prefer to have something made right on the spot. Like this PHO I love so much, they agreed to make me one after telling what I prefer on my bowl.

Flat rice noodles, beef, basil, bean sprouts and a wedge of lemon squeezed on top then smothered with hoisin sauce and chili sauce. When I put this on the table, everyone was staring at me because of this. It's something you'll see in the streets of Vietnam.

The salads had 8 different dressings. The cold cuts were all spiced differently. It was something pretty good to start or end your menu. In the Philippines you don't really go on diets when a buffet is around haha!

 For only Php 2300 (Sundays to Thursday) and Php 2500 (Fridays and Saturdays) you'll surely get to enjoy this and more with your family. Make it a habit to visit Marriott Hotel Manila soon! Call them at 988-9999, reserve and eat. You'll also get the chance to win a 3 days and 2 nights accommodation in other Marriott properties in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia or Vietnam. What are you waiting for?! Hurry and get your Asian adventure right in Resorts World Manila!

For more information
Visit them at 
No.10 Newport Boulevard
Newport City Complex
Pasay City, Philippines 1309
Phone: (632) 988-9999

Or Visit their Website!




ZaiZai said...

wow! everything looks so scrumptious and delicious! hope I can try this sometime soon! :)

manila wedding photographer said...

Nice pictures, great foods! :D

el toro bumingo said...

OMG! Lumpia at Halabos na Hipon! Sarap. Ang sakit sa batok nung Halabos na Hipon :)

ruthilicious said...

John, I will put a link of this blog to my site, because I wasn't able to take alot of pics, hehe :D Thanks. 

KUMAGCOW said...

 Thanks! But you're a photog too hehe

KUMAGCOW said...

 Kaon ta! :D

KUMAGCOW said...

 Surely! :D

Kenneth del Rosario said...

/ It was in fact a festive dinner buffet! :)

KUMAGCOW said...

 :) it was and the steak was ohhh so good!