EXCLUSIVE: Sexy, Sultry Film "Seduction" Introduces Hunky TV5 Star Jon Orlando!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

You probably heard that line a million times; "you never get a second chance at a first impression".

Jon Orlando has paid his dues. When we saw him a last year during the Artista Academy auditions, we already knew he'd make it! True enough, he was able to get to the top 16 hopefuls of the artista search. From Toronto he traveled all the way to Lerma (his Mom's hometown) and tried to live a life on his own. Learning from his Mom's humble beginnings made him realize his love for the Philippines and his race. He loved the community and people living in this area. He's a fine lad and yes, our first impression of him: he was quite good!

Because of his looks, great charm, acting skills and a clear eagerness to do it big in Manila; it was evident he was bound for more things than just TV.

After the show, they were sought to have projects of their own; and look at what he's stumbled upon; the chance to work with legendary film maker, the one and only Direk Peque Gallaga.

They were right anyway. Who would even have the thought of resisting seeing his hard, lean frame, the sleeves of his shirt fit too tight over his muscular arms and shining brown eyes. He was indeed the perfect fit to work in this film called "Seduction".

Together with established actors Richard Gutierrez, Solenn Heusaff and the controversial Sarah Labahti, Jon Orlando is being intro'd on this film. He plays the role of Marcel, a friend of Sophia (played by Solenn) who documents all the activities in the Philippines (she's here to discover her roots) but secretly falls for her. Sophia on the other hand falls for Ram (played by Richard Gutierrez) a struggling Firefighter (because he saved her from a fire that broke in a hotel) but Ram chooses to seduce the one he finds attractive; Trina (played by Sarah Labahti) who also wanted Ram initially but dissuades herself from believing him in the end. This leaves poor old Marcel just wanting Sophia even more but to no avail. You've got to watch the movie to see what happens of course!

Asked spot on when he'll be on a bed scene on this movie, Jon says "An interesting bed scene; but not a sex scene! It's a surprise hehe can't tell u everything!".

Jon laments "It's definitely an honor and thrill to work with Direk Peque Gallaga; I feel good and very good about this being my first project! This is the highlight of it all. It was also awesome to have worked with some of the best actors and actresses in the industry; with Kuya Chard, Solenn and Sarah. I thought it would have been awkward around them but they were all so warm and friendly".

Optimistic and so blessed Jon Orlando definitely got his hands full. He just came out of the academy but got his first movie with Regal Films and got directed by the one and only Peque Gallaga who's movies "Oro, Plata, Mata"; "Unfaithful Wife" and "Scorpio Nights" have earmarked to be some of the greatest films produced in the 80's. Now that he's back, Jon feels so happy to have been able to work with him, the cast  and a production outfit as big as this.

Jon Orlando was able to do this sexy stint right off the bat. If he can do this, he's definitely ready for more projects coming his way. He's paid his dues; and "Seduction" is one of the things that will stamp his name in the Philippine movie industry as one of the most promising actors TV5 has ever produced. You better get your eyes peeled because Jon Orlando will be landing more roles on TV, and even more movies pretty soon!

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KUMAGCOW said...

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