BRAVE STORY : The New Traveler

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

After playing this game for 39 hours in my PSP, I have done it Ladies and Gentlemen! ^_^

I finished this game with flying colors... the storyline of this game was nice... It's all about a boy and his quest to revive his special someone from a coma. You get to name the hero and the damsel in distress at the beginning and choose your best 3 players in order to go through the game.

It was very nice. After you finish the story it will enable you to choose any of the characters that showed up in the game. It will let you harness new powers and level up too. You will get the chance to get the other items that you have not went through yet. It will also show you that the story really does not stop there. I recommend you play this one coz it's sooo nice! ^_^

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