Still WAR in Mindanao (-_-)"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

US envoy Kenney, MILF chief Murad Ebrahim meet on peace process in Camp Darapanan in Mindanao
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Things that happened today kinda knocked me off my feet... I watched the news this evening... It was all bad... all about the war down south... Like this stuff about the government and the MILF and the numerous ways they point fingers at each other. The Philippines looks like a bloodbath in the south. In the island of Mindanao where there is a lot of promise, there is right now WAR. Yes ladies and gentlemen, they are at WAR.

The MOA that was supposed to be signed in by the government giving territorial privileges to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front did not push through because the Supreme Court stopped the proceedings since they considered this unconstitutional for the Executive branch to give out land that belongs to the republic. Yes, I hate the MILF... not because I am Christian... but as a citizen of the Philippines I do not want anyone hurting the civilians and making them human shields for their cause. A couple of their supposed men blatantly went "TRAITOR" and ransacked several towns in the war stricken land. Killing a few soldiers and civilian too. People think its simple, but this has gone for hundreds and hundreds of years. I would prefer that the government just stop these traitors and start dealing with these hooligans. Stop them from hurting people down there, they have their rights too you know! (-_-)"

All I want is peace down there, can't these guys just stop and just work their *** off like me. I remember the basic principle of life taught to me when I was in high school...we need to study to learn, learn to earn, earn to live, live to serve others... now why couldn't we just do that... I want to punish these people who think too highly of themselves because they weild guns... they think they can do anything because they have power over others... I hope they know what they are doing... I hope the government can resolve this once and for all.

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Anonymous said...

hi, I'm sad if there still a war in Mindanao... I hope you always safe and health