New York City: A Crazy City

Friday, August 22, 2008

NY Public Library and Cabs with International drivers ^_^

I still remember the lights at Times Square, when this young Filipino lad landed in the land of promise US of A. I can never forget the feeling of being squeezed in between expecting that everything was "Sex and the City" where Sarah Jessica Parker would suddenly just pop up into the open and greet me with her infamous GIGANTIC flower and Manolo Blahniks while getting splashed in the streets. Well right in front of me, after hours and hours of sleep and deprivation of it was just the city's public library and CABS... hundreds of CABS with Indian and Jamaican looking fellas. Talk about a mix of cultures! O_O

My friend promised me a night of enjoyment, well I said yeah yeah you can probably do anything that you want and we could end up anywhere but I won't even know where I am anyway. Sure enough, he became an instant tour guide... well not exactly...he gave in and got a city tour instead! ^_^ all expenses paid, courtesy of him (lol). It has the nicest name too… Trusted Tours & Attractions which you’ll surely love! ^_^

I saw couple of pictures of well known comedian Rex Navarette when I watched a couple of his shows in the Phillies. Yeah he knew what he was taking about. He really knows where to hit funny bones of people like me. Just a pat on the back and a couple of "messing up" of my friend's hair suddenly gave me free tickets to see his show that night. Man was I in for sumthing... Something crazy as Rex Navarette.

Since that was in the evening, we hopped around the streets and pointed me to some of the coffee table book pictures I saw at shops like starbucks in my homeland. That was really a sight to behold. Liberty... and I was at an awe!

OMG! Liberty moved! O_O

The tour was to blame for that, it was the culprit why was I holding my breath everytime! I even had fun at the famous Madame Tussauds wax museum! All included in the New York tours package they offered.

Bush and me discussing WORLD and International matters

By the way, they have a special promotion where a person can win a $150 Magellan’s Gift Certificate by signing up for their newsletter ( You should get this and never think about wasting time ever again! Go with New York tours! It's just awesome! ^_^ I STRONGLY suggest you start with their online travel guides


Anonymous said...

lol Rex Navarette. hehe. I always see him in the bus, i mean sa TV ng bus. :p

Thanks for sharing the piccies.

Laarni said...

lol Rex Navarette. hehe. I always see him in the bus, i mean sa TV ng bus. :p

Thanks for sharing the piccies.