Healthy Meals to get Buff Part II

Monday, August 04, 2008

ell what happened? After a year and a few months of working out at Fitness First I have seen minimal improvement on my sculptured German physique.Yeah my arms got bigger, but I got heavier I think. I did not check my weight since time in memorial so that's that. I need a new plan for this year and believe me I'm gonna stick to it like glue!

I need to trim down a bit. I'm tall already so that's just given, but I need a built chest and need to have ABS instead of just an AB. (lolz) Planning my meals would also be in the works. This will be a high protein low carb diet since I dont want to starve myself of course! Oh and a lot of fiber as well... maybe all oats for me! Its also gonna be pretty hard sinice I think I'm gonna be working out alone most of the time since my gym bud Robbie's gonna be out of the country soon... ^_^

I'm getting a nutritionist involved and also a Fitness trainor maybe (that's if I can afford it!) so I can get serious over this. I better hurry coz I'm frantically running out of time. So many girls in so little time ye know! hahahah! Peace pancakes! ^_^

I mean, men nowadays would probably find it hard to perform if they stay on the heavy side. People just make plans how to do it I guess so nothing would stand in the way. I saw this guy once in Jerry Springer, and HE WAS HUGE!!! and he did not have plans to get thinner... well, after that episode, or a couple of episodes after that, they said he died. That is so scary huh? This other guy I watched in the news this evening (or was that oprah?) had a GUINESS WORLD RECORD for being the world's heaviest man. He planned to lose it though, and you know what he did it for? Two things: the first is because he feared that he will have symptoms of diseases that Obese people had and two: was for his girlfriend....YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN he has one! and dont you find it romantic that it happened? ^_^ I know I do!

So watch out for my struggles to get thinner and have bigger guns soon! Let me workout! workout! workout! Phew!

Oh btw here he is...just saw this on the archives!

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