KUMAGCOW'S Food Review: DQ Mango Almond Blizzard (1st Evah!)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blizzards from DQ... something cold and X_X

Well people... I just had my first taste of DQ's Mango Almond Blizzard. Sorry to say, I just did not like it. You know why? The ice cream was not "mango" enough... there were not so much of a mango when I ate it... it would have been nice if it had mango bits on it... but instead they only put a measley amount of mangoish syrup on it that did not even taste like the real thing. The almonds? OMG.. I thought I would enjoy it but NO... the chunks of almonds were too big... and mind you when I took several crunches on it the almond skin sticks to your throat I coughed a couple of times ingesting this supposed treat. I did not enjoy it. The strawberry kitkat was way better. I'll give this 1 Kumag. Hey! At least I got fed right?

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