Ely Buendia was rushed to the hospital OMG! =O

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ely Buendia in one of his gigs


Ely Buendia was rushed to the hospital OMG. The Eraserheads Reunion Concert was cut short because of this. After they played their songs Alapaap and Ligaya they went on a break then the MTV Producer and his sister went up on stage after a 20 minute intermission number. They are all still on the field waiting for further announcements. Ely Buendia was rushed to the Makati Medical Center and doctors say it was due to overfatigue. Reports indicate that Buendia is now in stable condition. "He had a slight attack because of stress due to the recent passing of his mother, and their sound check which lasted till 3 a.m. today (Saturday)," said officials from MTV Philippines. They all asked for prayers for the band's lead singer and songwriter. IMHO they should have made practices days before the concert. How I just wish he's okay. I hope this is not the end of it. He collapsed and sat onstage after singing Lightyears and the audience thought he was just acting. Raimund Marasigan also came out onstage, followed by Marcus Adoro and Buddy Zabala who assisted Buendia's sister in announcing that the concert would no longer continue. Let's just pray for him T_T

Note: Ely Buendia is all things omnipotent for this blogger. I pray that he's okay. T_T


Anonymous said...

wawa naman si ely boy no? wawa rin yung 1300/800 ng mga nagsidalo , okey na rin naman kahit paano , naka-15 kanta naman sila. ituring na lang nilang isang panaginip lang ang nangyari , ehehehehe

alex said...

he's stable na as of last night yes?