Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes for PSP ^_^

Monday, August 18, 2008

I've been a Naruto Fan since I knew it even if it was not that publicized in the Philippines I always got ahead of the others in getting acquainted with up and coming Anime titles. Yes! I bought betamax tapes of Dragonball when I was in highschool would you believe!?! ^_^

Today I am giving more time playing this game in my PSP slim ^_^ and yes its giving me a GREAT challenge and YES ladies and gentlemen, I have NOT finished playing this yet. From the looks of it, every detail in the story came to life in the game also. A few days ago I unlocked a couple of in game movies and characters Kakashi, Guy and Gaara, but there were like 8 more characters I haven't seen yet. I've got to get more familiar with the PSP buttons coz I don't usually use the LR buttons on top. I have finished God of War and Brave Story so I'm really not gonna give up on this one.

Combos in this game is easy since it only requires a couple of buttons pushed. Ultimate moves use 2 buttons pressed simultaneously but its not that automatic and sometimes its easily blocked. Since I am now playing the HARD option for the game, I'm trying my best to finish it before the weekend. I just hope I don't get hand spasms and eye problems before I get to finish this ^_^. Good luck to me! I give this 4 KUMAGS! ^_^

Btw, I just bought a headset with mic and crystal case for my PSP slim ^_^ Its expensive but its alright... ^_^ I've got to take care of my gadgets of course! ^_^

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Anonymous said...

wow, i'm a naruto fan too, don't have a psp though. hehe. :)