What is Victory Hair? How do you get it? Go Flirt! ^_^

Friday, August 22, 2008

Victory Hair happens when an unexplainable occurrence, a marvel, a prodigy, a fact, an experience, a happening, an incident, an event, a trend or phenomenon occurs. It’s when a GOODLOOKIN guy like me and a PRETTY gal like my wifey meet and in an episode…then explodes! wreaking uncanny looks to both our hairstyles. That is how you craft what is called “Victory Hair!”. A horrible pick up line like “Hey, are you a terrorist? Coz your “THE BOMB” won’t achieve this Victory hair.

How do you get to have Victory Hair? It’s simple! (when you use Extreme Style by VO5) :

* Go to her house, go out and make plans for the night!
* Watch a movie, yes even those CORNY and MUSHY ones coz you know it’s the ones she really like!
* Buy her dinner at places she never expects. Go adventurous and take her to PICC and take her to a boat! It’s what you call dining in style!
* Get her something… A simple gift, make it meaningful even if its not that expensive… remember: It’s the thought that counts!
* Take her home and make her the happiest woman on earth! << I like this part ^_^

If all else fails, practice with this game I found at http://www.VO5VictoryHair.com and start flirting with people like what I did one night. Yeah it’s fun and real easy when you get the hang of it I tell yah! Its also free so you don’t have to pay anything at all!

I’d strongly recommend starting at Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship!
Start pressing those unused keys and think about how you can improve the ways to flirt (~_^)”


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