Art, Love and Passion

Friday, March 18, 2011

I've learned to appreciate art at a very young age not because I have relatives in the industry but because I was fascinated with all things concerned with it. I always wanted our excursions to include visits to reputable museums here and around the metro. Living in a third world country would definitely be one of the few things that could inspire you or force yourself and your mind off things. Making something beautiful out of the impoverished situation is the ideal way of fixing it. I don't have that much money even up to this day to afford such pieces and only get the next best thing if I wanted one for our home. Take a look at this image for example; don't you just feel the passion and emotion on the artwork? That is one of the few things that give me a natural high. It inspires me to say the least. I want to make one myself too but maybe in a different medium like photography. Giclee Fine Art Prints would be one of the few things I'd like to find so I can get them displayed on my home. That's going to be a great thing to have soon!

The love I have for works of art and the times when I need inspiration dictates what particular piece I get interested in. I almost ransacked the museums here in the metro and if that wasn't too bad; to do in a single whim when nobody's looking or maybe get what I need for my own home. I get frustrated each day looking at them but I know pretty soon I'll have these in my hands. What about you? Have you considered getting artworks for your own home?! What particular pieces do you adore? Do you have artists in mind?


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