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Friday, March 18, 2011

To keep myself dead hungry while doing my everyday routine I watch shows from this fantastic lady on the Food Network. I admit I am a fan just as I am a fan of Nigella Lawson. I can cook but maybe not as good as them; but I may have chances to do that when following recipes. I probably have a lot to say but here's why I love how they do this. Whipping up a cake and a couple of main dishes for an event wouldn't hurt!

The old techniques of getting every dry and wet ingredient together first before mixing everything is the key. I'm not much into baking either but I can probably do this. Yeap, guys like me can cook too... don't ask why but it maybe because I went to market almost every week with my Mum back then hence the ability to cook anything I want heheh... Although I only do spicy things better that part where she creamed the chocolate is oh soooo yummy!

How I wish I also had a house in the Hamptons so I could have the quaint lifestyle (if that is quaint by your standards) that they have. I love to get to know them too. I would be so lucky to have them as neighbors and maybe just maybe it'll come true one of these days. She is a Nuclear expert by the way and had no formal training in cooking. I guess the model of all american women these days are a far cry from Martha Stewart huh?! Maybe they were making bombs before they made cake and made them glow of the radiation. My mind is playing tricks on me again... I have a weird sense of humor I know! Ha-ha!

I haven't had a book by her yet so I'm planning to get one tomorrow. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two about making simple things out of our kitchen. After all it has been a focal point in our home all these years and that oven is probably getting a little rusty hehehe. My brother doesn't cook when he's here in the Philippines but since I'm in the mood these days to cook maybe I'll get inspired to bake a cake and eat it too literally! Don't you just love that Chocolate Buttercream Frosting she made?! Ugh! Diet Epic Fail! LOL!


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