Meego + Fujitsu + Infinity App Store Luncheon Event

Friday, March 18, 2011

Last March 10, 2011 Fujitsu Philippines and Edmund Lim the Product Marketing Manager of Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific just launched MEEGO; a brand new Linux based OS for the Fujitsu line of netbooks. As an UBUNTU fanatic myself I was eager to get my hands on this one since the premise was to get all the social media functions tabbed into one useful interface. The bootup sequence only took around 15 seconds++ and it's got Twitter, Facebook, MSN and all the latest social network accounts converged into one roof. It presents each post and update on small, colored windows that can be easily clicked and replied to if needed.

The demographics that they probably want to capture in this segment are the young happy go lucky ones who want everything already taken cared of without using individual programs (downloading and installing them too) or going to sites just to get online.

It looks promising but I think nothing still beats the olden ways of doing this. It's another case of "preference" in my books. The ease on the computer might be it's selling point because it wouldn't hoard that much resources by doing the former because let's face it... Windows just hogs! This wouldn't be for the full business laden professionals since it wouldn't be able to perform most complicated "office functionality" but if you think about it; you would be able to enjoy open source materials easily than loading the whole brouhaha of Windows OS and its applications. Intel, Nokia has taken advantage of this already and I'm sure in the coming years we'll see different versions and upgrades of this kind. Definitely a step forward for open sourced OS and Fujitsu.

There's also a corresponding application store called Infinity App store that will release free and paid software for their Lifebook line. Since there has been no significant increase in the netbook market yet in the Philippines they are gearing to tap that too. Unlike our neighbors in the Asia Pacific, we fall slightly behind the user base for this type of products and they are optimistic that it will pick up in the next few months. Lifebooks are less than 2KG, but they never compromised battery life among other things. Their keyboard design stayed the same since they kept it spill resistant just like its predecessors. The new I5 processor also gave this needed power that cannot be matched by other brands with the same size.

Now here's the best news that I got from that event!

The Stylistic Q550

This is the perfect businessman's companion. With it's multi-touch capability and active pen features that can depict handwriting and hardness/softness of a stroke you can get this special slate by having it custom made for your lifestyle. The front and rear cameras make effortless photos/videos when you need it most. The data security is like no other with its fingerprint sensor and ability to lock down sensitive information when the time comes. Anti theft measures are in place which has never been seen on other slates of this kind. This is built for business and their target audience will stay on this demographic since general consumer ones like the IPAD and IPAD 2 haven't explored this area yet. I'm part of that so if in case I get one this surely will be a strong candidate!

Meego + Fujitsu Press Briefing Dusit Hotel, Makati City
Thank you to Mr. Edward Lim and the people behind the event. I had so much fun!

Thank you also to the people from Fujitsu Philippines and Asia Pacific. You got a customer in me!



ZaiZai said...

ganda ng netbook! may gusto akong samsung pero mukhang ok ang fujitsu a :)

John Bueno said...

Medyo for business tong sa Fujitsu and they customize it before they send it out to consumers. They have a niche nga eh and that's for business travelers. =)

Zai said...

ay di pala bagay sa akin ang fujitsu! di ako business minded e..ano ba pwedeng pang fashionista hehe :)

John Bueno said...

yung meego zai puro social networks lang in one roof.. mas mabuti ata yun hehe

Zai said...

ay di pala bagay sa akin ang fujitsu! di ako business minded e..ano ba pwedeng pang fashionista hehe :)