CITYPOYNT.COM Media Launch Par Deux

Monday, March 28, 2011

Since I'm in the mood for more photos from the Event I went to last week, here's some more!

This blue torn up gown was nice and happy. A little form fitting on the top (corset like) and the above knee + tail treatment on it made the whole look really nice for cocktails. Stars with big chests would probably look good at it since it deviates away from the top half and shows the legs instead.

The gray glitter + oversized bow didn't really work for me. This is one dress that can probably only be worn by size zero to one women. Chiffon like fabric for the ribbon made it quite off putting for the whole garment. I think this dress would probably live alone on its own. Don't you agree?

Vavavoom! Very nice execution! This tiny black dress definitely did it... although that chain belt on it made it look cheap. Maybe some other ones but still with the silver tone for a belt can work.

Now for the guys...

This shiny silver looking coat and slacks looks nice on him. Still this is going to be classified in a not so formal cocktail evening. Preferably better if it is worn by fair skinned men if you want to have that Vampire vibe. Edward will surely envy you hahah!

I didn't think orange was going to work but just look at him. If it fits nice and the patterns are easy you won't go wrong with it. These things look like a modern take on the common barong just with different fabrics and colors. If that is what he wanted to have its going to work. Maybe because the guy was a little dark and chiseled on his face it looked way better than what its supposed to look like. I wouldn't wear this on a normal day.

Ahhh.. see what I mean about the barong thing earlier? Yeah, I think I've seen a couple of these from Ben Chan's store. I bought a lot of that but I pretty much outgrew them LOL. The guy wearing it wasn't working the clothes. It looked ordinary on him... sorry!

Nope. Saw this guy in Fashion week a year ago but if you talk about what he's wearing now and the one I saw he used from last season, this is an absolute bore. Blue ain't working. It looks Ateneish if there's a proper word for it. The body didn't match the wardrobe.

Here's more shots from the event..

Raymond Guttierrez and DJ Mo Twister hosted the event!

The toast for the success of
It wouldn't be complete if we didn't have champagne of course! Ha-ha!

Thanks! I had so much fun!

Photo op time with Mo Twister! Sorry its blurred. I didn't take the photos obviously LOL

Raymond Guttierez and Richard Guttierrez... ahmm John Regala?? LOL no we're not related!
Again thanks to I got to enjoy the evening at Republiq! =)



glentot said...

Mukhang malapit na kayong maging magkahawig ni Raymond Gutierrez ah hehehehehe

John Bueno said...

Buwahahaha sabe ko na nga ba eh dapat talaga diko na pinost yan LOL

Axl Powerhouse Network said...

i like the way you shot may details sa mga model....
inggit mode sana sinama mo ko heheh :D

Anonymous said...

nice pics!!! it was a fun fun night!