Chef's Classics: Chef Mitchie Sison's Line

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Okay. I know you guys feel weird why I'd attend something that should have been gone to by Mommy bloggers but hey... I CAN COOK... so I've got quite a lot to say about this. I was so happy to be invited to the launch of Chef Mitchie Sison's line; which is part of the Chef's Classics collection by Sunnex.

I've seen a lot of stuff that would be the envy of my Mom specifically their saucepans and indoor smokeless grill. That would be nice to have if we're having my favorite Bangus and steak! Just thinking about it makes me so hungry!

This modern version of a Wok could be the perfect replacement to the normal kawali we Filipinos have. I was educated a bit about how we'd be able to save a lot from using aluminum based pots instead of stainless steel. It's a good conductor therefore it distributes the heat evenly. You won't get the hotspots that we usually get with the latter. Good thing I brushed up on my engineering subjects in college. Strength of Materials anyone?!=)

Oh look at those modernly designed Oil Pourer and Sprayer. You'll get the perfect spritz for that salad that you don't want it drenched with. The salt and pepper shaker grinder was a great tool too so you would get the freshly cracked pepper and salt when cooking. A secret Chef Mitchie Sison shared with us.
Chef Mitchie got on the mood and made us special chicken with mushroom sauce and upside down apple crumbles which tasted so awesome. She cooked everything last night just so we could share it that day. Thanks Chef!

Voila! And here is her Chicken with Mushrooms. 3 kinds of mushrooms + potatoes cooked in the same pot because you can attach a steamer on top. Get two things done at the same time! That just saves a LOT of energy!

Mr. James Sy congratulates Chef Mitchie Sison for something that has been long in the works! This surely was a very happy occasion. Congratulations Chef!

Mr. Sy didn't wast time... he also educated us about the differences between Aluminum based and Stainless steel made pots and pans. It was surely an eye opener for most of us.

It was pretty sad where the design taste of the Filipinos went. It was nice he made the case in point; and showed us why Sunnex has been producing the best ones in the market.

Don't be fooled by the sound of thick Stainless Steel. He illustrates the difference between that and Aluminum sandwich based pots. He won us definitely!
Congratulations Chef Mitchie Sison! I'm sure your adoring fans (famed KATOQUE) and followers would be raving about this new line! It hasn't been released yet but it will surely be a hit!
Thank you so much to the good people at SUNNEX, Aprica, Goody and Philips Avent



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thank you for the wonderful blog post. till next time. nice to meet you as well.

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thank you for the wonderful blog post. till next time. nice to meet you as well.