Shooting Ms. Cuba: Arianna Barouk

Thursday, March 31, 2011

It was a day of fashion overdose again as I held Trish (my cam) and met a few other photographers for this particular shoot. I was so excited because luck has been going my way and true enough I got hold of a very gorgeous model. Arianna Barouk, a statuesque cuban lady from the Ms. Earth competition made my day so great I was smiling from ear to ear while shooting. It was one of the best to say the least. Here's the part where we went to the abandoned house that we chose to be the location. It wasn't the best but it was quite a remarkable photoshoot.

Check this out!

You got to see a glimpse of what actually goes on in one of my shoots. This was actually pretty small compared to what I was doing in the past. What made it special was it was more intimate and I got to talk to her a whole lot more! Oooh if you only knew how much I liked the short talks we had in between I was in bliss! Thanks for making this possible and to show you how much I liked this... check out this shot I got processed after that!

Arianna Barouk

Ooh it was so nice to get to shoot gorgeous ladies like her. I want to shoot more Brazilians, Russians, Cubans, or just any Caucasian. There is something special with them that I can't point out. Aside from being flawless and less post processing needed, I just love how they look. It's different if you compare shooting Filipino models huh! I love Arianna too because she wasn't too grossed out about the location like some other models I know. She's so professional! Can I marry her? LOL


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