CITYPOYNT.COM Media Launch - Get Signed Up!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The world lost a second but this one made it stop. launched this Thursday March 24, 2011 at the posh Republiq, Resorts World in Pasay City. Hosts DJ Moe Twister and Raymond Gutierrez brought the grand evening's ceremonies a quirky touch to the delight of marketing professionals, advertisers, bloggers, fashionistas, and peeps from the Citypoynt Community. It was impressive to say the least; I got to feel the vibe they wanted for us to experience... and after a few cocktails in between... I was in for more!

To tell you honestly, I was thinking about what was all about when I went and registered through their site. The concept is pretty simple. They have only one thing in mind... the consumers. Imagine a social network platform that offers unimaginable deals and only shows you what you want.

The system itself is that smart as it filters only those which you are interested in. This is one amazing feature so businesses would be able to concentrate on the audience that buys and would be interested in their services. You won't have to go through the rummage of SPAM emails that doesn't work at all. This is ingenious!

As if the evening wasn't enough to celebrate that, there were dancers and models who came out to entertain us all. I'm a fashion photographer and this was a great thing to start off the Fashion Week season eh?!

Check em out!

Plus there was an overload of models that night! Perfect for the Fashion Photographer in me! I won't compress these so you get to enjoy the photos! =)

It was a hot sizzling evening! Now if that wasn't enough fashion and entertainment for one evening they also gave away IPADs, Blackberry units and a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab! Oooh the possibilities are endless with because the Deals are Designed for you! so make sure you go and get signed up now! Click Here then like them on Facebook for updates by logging in on



Bino said...

astig! buti na lang di compressed ung mga photos dito hehehe. soyo! :)

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

na-amaze naman ako sa mga shots mu. :) parang i heard citypoint na somewhere, ah baka my invite dun sa invite. great captures! keep 'em coming.

BON said...

ang daming crispy pata! hihi ^ ^
ang che chek-chi!

John Bueno said...

hahaha mukhang masaya kayo sa mga nakabikini ata eh LOL aminin nyu yan hahah

BON said...

ang daming crispy pata! hihi ^ ^
ang che chek-chi!