Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz Stars Unofficially Yours in theaters February 15

Friday, February 03, 2012

It looks like John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin will give you a February you won't forget as they star on their latest film called Unofficially Yours. This is again brought to us by Star Cinema and Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. Hit after hit this particular production company didn't let go on coming up with the best romantic comedy films which have worked for them quite well in 2010 and 2011. Now, the much awaited team up between John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin (both big stars from ABSCBN) will glitter on the silver screens come February 15, 2012.

We got the chance to witness the red carpet press conference a few days ago and believe it or not this was my first time to see John Lloyd in the flesh. We didn't get to interact that much because of the huge crowd of media people seen there. I could barely even shoot to tell you honestly but since I love you guys that much, I got some nice closeup shots while they were asked some questions about the movie.

She's so pretty I know. John Lloyd even said that Angel Locsin REALLY deserves the title SEXIEST WOMAN IN THE PHILIPPINES since he did a couple of scenes with her during the film. He jokes sometimes Angel even took off her clothes without thinking so much about it because she wants everything to be fluid. They didn't want any hitches or more drama shooting it. Angel Locsin was so sexy that afternoon... she turned heads and John Llloyd did the same for girls. People were tweeting me non stop telling me "Pakisabi kay John Lloyd I LOVE YOU" hehe.

The Martinez girls also are in this movie. They said that this is a big opportunity and they weighed it was time to do so even if they were still studying. Mom Yayo convinced them and why not, they would be working with John Lloyd, Angel and Director Cathy. It was a done deal just from the cast alone; and the Director too.

Angel was actually a little uncomfortable answering some of the questions because she really felt she was in the same situation. She loves someone and felt that they never even have a title yet. Just like in the movie.

John Lloyd Cruz on the other hand is proudly IN A RELATIONSHIP. They never really lost touch (referring to Shaina Magdayao) and they are getting stronger everyday. He doesn't diss what Angel has though because he believes that whatever makes a person happy; he/she should pursue it!

The writer agrees that this film apparently tackles something similar to the No Other Woman formula which discusses something that already exists in the society yet nobody talks about it.

Edgar Allan Guzman, Boom Labrusca also are on this film and play some of John Lloyd's confidants. They bring some sort of ingredient to the discussion of just plainly having friends with benefits/One night stands and the advantages on the side of the guy.

I guess John Lloyd has a lot of things to say but in LOVE there is no right or wrong way to do it. They believe in doing whatever means to make an individual happy. Angel Locsin admits to everyone that she is into love but not into titles. Isn't that just sweet?!

Here are more shots of Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz!

Oh I love Angel Locsin! She's so pretty! :O

Check out the official trailer!

What about you?! Do you think you need titles for a relationship or love to work?! Watch UNOFFICIALLY YOURS out on theaters February 15, 2012. I'm sure this will be another hit from Star Cinema!


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