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Friday, February 03, 2012

Dreamy. That is SomeDayDream.

I saw SomeDayDream aka Rez a couple of months ago during the Terranova launch. I wasn't really a fan of his music because I'm a purist house/trance fanatic. I guess I didn't open my eyes and ears that day because I didn't know... that I was missing a lot. Before everything became so phenomenal with his career he was into bands and he really enjoyed times with them quite obviously. When that didn't get too far and went on his own, he had so much creative freedom and a lot of people took notice of it. That was the time when Arthur Bernard Dolino Lui Pio aka Champ former front man of the band Hale signed him up as the first artist of Mecca Music his own label. Someone this famous and artistically inclined believing in SomeDayDream only spelled quite a formula for success. Today, after getting so much airplay and fame on MYX and other media channels... SomeDayDream is enjoying the perks of being the only artist with a Electronic Pop genre in the Philippines. His success in 2011 was quite evident, we're all excited what he has in store for 2012!

I was lucky to have been invited in his first bloggers night. Saying YES alone to this occasion was a confirmation on how he sees online media and its influence on the public, after all he was a product of YOUTUBE and he is quite a phenom up until now. His style is original; and he barely listens to other music because he wants to concentrate on his craft. This is my second time to see him perform live, but this time it is a bit different. I listened to his first song... and I got it... I totally get it now.

The vibe is totally different as he makes use of synthesizers much of the track. It sounds so cool and funky. It's very reminiscent of those DJ tracks from European artists, but this one is truly Pinoy. No wonder people initially thought the commercial jingle was from a foreign artist. Add to that his boyish charms and great attitude, SomeDayDream will surely go places! If a guy only had a positive disposition just like him, women would probably be falling on their knees and go gaga. I'm not joking. Listening to his tracks is like clockwork, you kinda can't help but dance a bit. It's perfectly put together and not cheesy. Actually, I'd put this in the classy category but VERY tasteful all the way through. It's not awkward listening to and if you ask the throng of people who listen to him now, take a few passes on his songs because once you love and get to him through his music... you'll never go back. That's how infectious it became to me. I told him point blank after the show that I'm a fan now... and I'm not embarrassed to say that even if I'm a guy.

Speaking of places, he's also got mall shows on February 11 at SM Las Pinas, February 18 at SM Bicutan, February 19 at SM Marikina and on February 25 at SM Sucat. All of them starts at 5PM so make sure you catch him there! Don't forget to also grab a copy of his self titled album SomeDayDream in all record bars nationwide! This is your chance to listen to the full version of "Hey Daydreamer!", Delivery Boys, Do-Do With You (which is my personal favorite) and a lot more.

Thank you so much to the good people of MCA Music, Mecca Music, Pinoy Magazine, OrangeMagazineTV, BOSE, Terranova, Keds and Selecta Cornetto for making this event possible. PS I love the Cornetto flavor I got it was uber yummy!


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ruthilicious said...

Thanks for taking our pics! Hehe. Nice pictures, as always! ;)

You forgot the mention you were the official poster guy that night! LOL!

el toro bumingo said...

I love their Cornetto song :)

KUMAGCOW said...

 True! Me too! :)

KUMAGCOW said...

 I forgot about that.. may effort ako ruth.. :)